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A SEAL's Sugar Cookie Christmas

Forever in Ocala
A SEAL's Sugar Cookie Christmas

A Christmas miracle is his last chance for redemption, but are the angels listening?

Former Navy SEAL, Bill Evanston, AKA Pudge, enjoys a secret passion. Every Christmas, he bakes sugar cookies for the wounded military recovering at the Veteran’s Hospital. But a request for a home visit to a troubled Marine, Gunnar Greyson, ignites a different passion when he meets Gunnar’s sister, Stella. As their relationship deepens, so does Gunnar’s depression after his bid to adopt his beloved K-9, Pyro, is denied and the dog is sold.

Stella Greyson is a Hollywood stunt woman and an alpha female. With her focus on career and helping her brother, she doesn’t have time for romance. That is until Pudge disarms her with his masculine charm and his all-in commitment to save her brother. He’s the man she’s always dreamed of but thought only existed in the movies.

With Gunnar’s life hanging in the balance and his relationship with Stella in shambles, Pudge needs a Christmas miracle to pull off his most important mission: find Pyro and win back the love of his life.

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