A Bounty on Forever


Tired of war, Tony Franco, former Navy SEAL, serves out his enlistment and transfers his experience from the battlefield into a medical career, where he thrives as an emergency room nurse at a prominent hospital in Los Angeles.

His well-ordered life turns chaotic when he discovers there’s a bounty on his head. But a previous obligation to participate in his closet friend and fellow SEAL’s wedding takes priority.  He heads for Florida, unaware terrorists are already hot on his trail.

Amid the backdrop of the fairy tale wedding, Tony falls hard for free-spirited Sierra Sanchez and pursues her despite the peril.

Sierra wants nothing more than to put the haunting memories of her turbulent childhood behind her and becomes a Zumba instructor. She experiences life in the moment until a deadly secret threatens her future. She desperately needs Tony’s help but the cost, if he’s found, is too great.

Will Tony discover Sierra’s secret in time to save her?  If he blows his cover, will he also blow Sierra’s safety and their forever?