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Forever My Zumba Heart 

The second in the Forever series of Navy SEAL heroes, Forever My Zumba Heart is Tony Franco’s story.

Tired of war and the politics sowed into serving, Tony Franco, Navy SEAL corpsman, serves out his enlistment and leaves the SEAL teams to pursue a career as a trauma nurse. Able to transfer his experience from the battlefield to the civilian world of nursing he thrives working in the emergency room at UCLA. 

His future is perfectly planned until he's notified by Naval Intelligence there is a bounty on his head. Hunted by terrorists, Tony must abandon his successful life and enlist the help of his SEAL buddies, who are all attending the nuptials of his best friend, Gavin Cross.

Amidst the backdrop of a fairy tale wedding, Tony meets free-spirit, Sierra Sanchez and falls head over heels for the stunning woman but soon realizes he must trust her, not only with his heart, but with his very life.

Sierra, a Zumba instructor by profession, bucks conformity for a living. She experiences life in Carpe Diem mode with little thought to the future until she discovers she might not have a future. After stowing Tony away in the safety of her family's travelling circus, she collapses from a life threatening medical emergency. When Tony learns of her imminent surgery, he comes out of hiding and races to her side, putting a target on both their backs.

Forever The One. Com 

A Romantic Comedy

The third in the Forever series. What happens when former Navy Seal, Remington Lewis, decides the best way to find his soul mate is an on line dating service?

After a number of mishaps being set up with dates by his well meaning friends, Remington decides to go it alone and joins an on-line  dating service.

An expert at hostage negotiation and prisoner interrogation while in the military, he suddenly finds himself in need of his retired skills to survive civilian dating.